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Firstdata has recently integrated their merchant account services to provide an experience that is seamless and streamlined. From in-store to ecommerce to mobile transactions, merchants can find a solution from the Firstdata suite of products.

Firstdata has over 40 years of experience providing check and card processing services and now processes over 56 billion transactions annually. This experience means they understand the entire electronic payment ecosystem. They have developed their systems to be secure and innovative to provide merchants decreased costs and increased ROI.

They provide services to accept credit and debit cards, checks and ACH payments. Deposits for transactions on major credit cards are made the next business day and checks can be converted to an electronic transaction right at the point of sale using the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance service.

The Firstdata service allows merchants to accept MasterCard, Diners Club International, Visa, American Express, Discover, PIN-based and signature debit cards. Transactions are approved in less than 2 seconds and everything is PCI compliant.

While they do not provide free POS equipment, the rates for equipment are reasonable. And they have solutions that allow merchants to integrate the hardware and POS software to track inventory and sales, and basically manage your entire business.

For ecommerce merchants, the Firstdata suite is scalable, secure and PCI compliant. They provide a variety of online payment options and can even allow merchants to accept payments in over 140 currencies. And for those concerned with security and fraud, Firstdata offers their TransArmor solution which provides a dual layer of security (encryption and tokenization) and rids the merchant of the need to store customer card data.
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Firstdata Review by Anna, March 18, 2014

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This company has been very easy to work with. Reprogrammed my leased machine, lower fees, no annual fees, and good customer support. Over nice experience.

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