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Merchant Express offers the complete suite of what you would need to quickly integrate Authorize .net to your website to begin credit card processing capability for your website.  In partnership with Quickbooks, Merchant Account Express features quick integration to your accounting software, and can provide point of sale terminals for credit card processing if you have a physical location in need of credit card swiping for your transactions.  With the fast Authorize .net internet payment gateway software, internet payments are safe, secure and operate in real time.  Merchant Account Express also has some interesting wireless credit card processing terminals available as well as cell phone credit card swipers and more traditional terminals for processing payments via credit card.  The flexibility of a wireless merchant terminal is quite exciting, and allows for a mobile solution for payment processing that opens up new markets for your business.
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Merchant Express Review by Mark Stevens, September 16, 2011

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Merchant Accounts Express advertises a 2.27% Internet discount rate but this rate only applies to cards deemed ‘qualified’, which, for me, are about half the charges processed each month. The net result of this is that the discount rate I pay is substantially higher than 2.27%. The criteria by which the cards are classified as qualified or nonqualified are, for the most part, invisible to the merchant. This creates the potential for abuse where the higher rate can be charged and the merchant has no objective measure by which to judge if the charges are legitimate. And, in fact, I have noted that the percentage of nonqualified charges on my account have steadily increased since I signed up. Unfortunately, my contract locks me in for 3 years … so I’m stuck . … but I thought I’d warn other merchants who are thinking about signing up.

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