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Payleap is a fairly new player in the credit card and debit card processing world, having been established in 2008. Though the company is fairly new, the founders and staff at Payleap have decades of payment processing experience, which they are using to better serve clients through a combination of customer service and cutting edge technological solutions.

The service Payleap offers is provided by Acculynk, a payment processor that has used innovation to position itself in the forefront of payment processors. They were responsible for creating a unique graphical PIN pad called PaySecure that is used on more than 6,000 websites for secure mobile and internet PIN debits. Because PIN debits are more secure they are also less costly for merchants. And customers love PIN debit solutions.

Keeping with the technology theme, the Payleap solution is both user friendly and powerful. It is integrated with all the major shopping carts and was created with hooks that allow sharing on social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

Payleap has also leveraged technology to enable all types of transactions. PayLeap does it all. Merchants can accept payments in person, over the phone, by mail, through online shopping cart and via mobile devices. In addition, merchants will be able to accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, ACH payments, gift cards and anything else you can throw at them. Plus they allow consumers to use their debit card + PIN to pay online. No other payment processor can make that claim because Payleap developed the technology to do this and they hold the patent.

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