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Paypal is the immensely popular online 3rd party gateway credit card processing solution that has found wide acceptance online.  As with all the 3rd party gateway solutions for transaction processing, the focus is on information security and transaction fraud prevention.  PayPal offers payment services and tools for easy integration into your website, and many of the online giants of retail, such as Ebay, Barnes & Noble, Overstock.com, etc accept Paypal payments direct from your merchant account.  Paypal provides integration options for accepting payments on your website, as well as the ability to send invoices, and request credit card payments via email.

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I don't know, I can't seem to find fault with them, though I've heard horror stories from ...
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On my transactions I had 100% positive feedback on my sales and happy customers, never a ...
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The pricing seems very fair, usually as low as 5$ for payment processing ...
Jules | 5 reviewers said helpful

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PayPal Review by Jules, February 13, 2010

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I’ve used paypal with no problems for years. The integration is easy, it’s supported by a variety of commerce engines and I have had no problem with sending money internationally with them to family. The pricing seems very fair, usually as low as 5$ for payment processing internationally. I don’t know, I can’t seem to find fault with them, though I’ve heard horror stories from others.

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PayPal Review by Alton Moore, February 16, 2011

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Be very careful with Pay pal especially if using to pay or receive payments from ebay transactions.I have used them for years through ebay sales and never had any problems, nor had I been tried to be scammed before.I sold 275 Lincoln Pennies as a lot package which included 25 1909′;s, not vdb’s just 1909′s.The buyer got them, took the 25 1909′s out, them claimed he received everything but the 1909′s in the package. This guy had totals of sales and buys in the tens of thousands transactions with them through the years, and I had just begin but only had about 60 transactions so his buiseness with them way surpassed mine.However, He had a few bad feedback transactions on his that were very bad and he sold and bought items, but had a few to where he never sent the items he sold, and ebay paid the customer back.On my transactions I had 100% positive feedback on my sales and happy customers, never a complaint.Anyway he filed the complaint saying he got all the coins but the 1909′s and we went through the process of rebutals, appeals etcetera and come to find out, I had to end up letting the guy keep 25 1909 lincoln pennies, had to refund the money and the shipping(twice in fact) for ebay decided the decision in his favor only because he did bulk selling and Ebay made much much more money off of him due to bulk transactions than they did off of me. What this breaks down to is I got scammed, gave 25 free 1909′s away(the first year lincolns were minted) then had to refund the money, and the postage I actually had to refund twice for I had a deal that if someone boguht my coins on the buy it now option, I would refund the postage.I refunded the postage once he purchased them before he even received the items via PAY PAL(which is owned by ebay)…the had to pay for it agian after the complaint war.What it breaks down to is ebay is going to decide in favor of the person that is bringing in more money to them.I had proof of his prior feedback, and where ebay had to refund the buyers of his merchandise he did not send to them, and I had 100% positive on my few transactions.I feel (especially after doing more research on scams like this) that Ebay cares less who has proof, and even proof of my good sales, and proof of this guys previous scams, but ebay is going to decide in favor of who has sold the most and has brought more money to them, and could care less of what proof you have or not.I also asked on the phone to the ebay representative that are they going to just ZAAAPP.the money out of my account, or will they alert me if this is what they did to make sure I had it covered.The representative boldly lied to me on the phone and said they would inform me first, but guess what.Ebay after making their decision(that this other guy made them more money basiically) refunded him money from my pay pal, which had nothing in it, then defaults to directly drawing from my bank account, and wow..Hit me again from overdraft charges.Reasd the fine print when signing up for Pay pal..They have the right to take it from your account without even informing you.I personally cancelled my Pay pal account, my ebay account, and have moved over to Ebid now..Free rates on alot of insertion fees, and many other ungreedy options, unlike Ethief..OOPs I mean ebay.Watch it..If your a person that sells just a few items here and there, and your buyer has more sells than you, they can scam you simply by saying part of the shipment was gone, etctera..You will automatically lose if the total of your sells are lower than the buyers.Ebay considers nothing but dollar signs..You sign up for A pay pal account, You are giving them the right to withdraw from your account without warning you or even letting you know first.

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PayPal Review by Alison Burns, March 3, 2011

I first used paypal in November 2010 I thought it would be an easy process and that I would get the results I was hoping for, but unfortunitly this was not the case. I had organised to buy 2 tickets to a concert from a woman whom I had met through an add on GumTree. We arranged that she would send me the tickets and I would send her my money through PayPal.

Four months went by after the transition was made and I had still not recieved the tickets, it was a week before the concert and I was very concerned that she had not responded to my e-mails.

I went to enquire on PayPal about reporting fraud, and I was extremley dissapointed that they were unable to help due to the 45 day legal agreement. I was never informed of this agreement, and it was never made clear. I am extremly upset about the lack of support I revieved from PayPal and now I have come to realise that PayPal do not live up to the high standards that they claim.

My expectations were very high and now I will never concider using this site again becasue the lack of support and general misguidence. PayPal have been very dissapointing in their reaction to my case and I would like to warm others not to place their trust in thier hands.

Paypal should make their legal agreements clearer and constantly remind you of the risks you are taking using the site.

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