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Payment Max merchant account services for credit card processing provides security, fraud protection, easy access to your funds and online reporting that can help your business grow.  Accept payments with a variety of available point of sale terminals and machines for your retail physical store, and they provide software packages to make online credit card processing a breeze.  A reseller of the various portable credit card processing machines you won’t have a problem finding a flexible credit card printer or processor for your business.  Low rate transaction fees and competitive rate transaction processing makes Payment Max a merchant account service to reckon with for internet payment processing as well.  Payment Max offers a 24 hour customer service support which can make the difference in an emergency and they feature a fast and simple online application for new merchant accounts.  They provide a free quote credit card processing rate sheet which is worth it for at a glance comparisons of features and services.

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Payment Max Review by Tommy, April 27, 2010

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Worst customer service, as it is non-existent. I have been given the run around just to try and close my account for the past week. Unauthorized charges and fees for American Express which we never signed up for.

Stay away. They have sales teams that are convincing, teased by low rates, then they charge you with a $150 credit card fee. Many hidden fees, regardless what they say.

Stay clear. Go with a name company. Forget these guys.

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Payment Max Review by Evan Dorn, June 9, 2010

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PaymentMax goes way out of their way to hide the real cost from you. They will tease you with a 1.99% discount rate, but it only applies to “qualified cards”. In my case it took four emails to get them to admit exactly what that means: you don’t get that rate for corporate cards, rewards cards (of any type), international cards, etc. I.e. you will almost never get that rate, since most cards are rewards cards now.

It took another four emails to get them to admit what their rate is for most cards: 3.96%, almost twice as much and higher than almost anyone else in the industry.

When I finally got them to admit that, they immediately told me “our bank has changed the rules and we can’t sell services to your merchant type anymore.” Clearly, I had learned too much about their actual prices.

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Payment Max Review by Admin, September 6, 2010

Payment Max has repeatedly spammed our consumer reviews with false positive comments. We have done our best to filter the false positives out.

For this reason – This site is closing reviews of Payment Max.

We tried to remain neutral towards the credit card processing services reviewed on this site.

Because of their repeated attempts to manipulate our rankings positively in their favor we are forced to remove the ability for consumers to review the PaymentMax suite of services.

In this case: Perhaps this behavior says more than can any number of valid consumer reviews of their services.

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